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Boyce N Berkel, MD
Boyce N Berkel, MD

PainBreak is just too good to be true.

I’ve been suffering since March of this year with PHN and I do mean Suffering. Couldn’t even leave the house most of the time because I was not able to let my clothes even touch my skin. I sent for your sample, which I received today. Ran right up to the shower and applied the Cream. ( Lets use 0 – for No Pain and 10 for the worst Pain ) Well, when I hit the shower I was at a BIG 10 – – after appling the cream within 4 mins. my pain was down to a 7. After an hour or so down even more – about a 6 – which was kinda like going to heaven, but still being alive. No one can understand the pain unless you’ve been there and I Thank You so much for even trying to help others. I can not believe this is even really happening to me. It is just too good to be true.

Suzanne Monard
Poolesville Maryland

“Some Get Immediate Relief With “PainBreak®
While For Others The Relief Is More Gradual.
Which Group Are You In?”

Dear Friend:

Many people are experiencing immediate, temporary relief, but for others, the relief is more gradual. As you well know, Post Herpetic Neuralgia pain is especially difficult to treat, and here’s why:

  1. Your nerves have been damaged by the Varicella-Zoster viruses.
  2. The viruses have set up a chronic infection state in your tissues and nerves, preventing complete healing from taking place.
  3. Individual responses to various forms of treatment vary widely.

Set These Four Goals Before You Start

Now that you are considering the PainBreak® treatment, let’s just set four modest goals, then I’ll show you how PainBreak® can help you reach these goals.

First, you can look forward to a reduction in the intensity of the pain. For some, as I explained above, this may be mild at first, but with continued, consistent use of PainBreak® as directed, this should gradually improve over the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Second, you should begin to notice a reduction in the size of the area affected by the pain. With persistent use of PainBreak® as directed, over the next 3 to 4 weeks, the size of the painful area should get smaller.

Third, you will notice a gradual reduction in how long the pain lasts. You’ll therefore find yourself applying PainBreak® less often.

Last, but most important, you will find yourself better able to tolerate the pain, and resume a more normal life.

James F. Healey was the first person with PHN to test PainBreak® on April 13, 1997. Mr. Healey’s pain was so severe, and his skin was so sensitive, that he could not button his shirt. He drove his car with the seat back rolled completely down as he could not tolerate leaning against anything. He found it impossible to lie down comfortably, so he spent most of his nights for those 6 years sitting up.

Read again what Jim Healey has to say to about PainBreak®:

James F. Healey
Clearwater, FL

“One hour after putting on PainBreak®, my shingles pain was reduced 80%. Over the next 3-4 weeks, the area of pain shrank from 6 inches to about 2 inches. Now I am practically back to normal. I cannot recommend PainBreak® enough. In 30 days PainBreak® did for me what 6 1/2 years of prescription medicines failed to do.

Since we are all different, I cannot promise you the same quick results as James Healey. I can assure you however, that PainBreak® continues to be the treatment of choice for many post herpetic neuralgia pain sufferers. It really gives you a “break” from pain. In fact, it often helps reduce the pain, where other pain relief treatments failed. I urge you to give it a fair trial.

Here’s How to Get the Best Results

You will experience best results if you apply PainBreak® after a warm bath or shower, or after applying a warm washcloth over the affected area. (Avoid contact with your eyes or areas of broken skin).

Gently massage PainBreak® deep into the affected area until it is fully absorbed. Do this four times daily (every four hours) consistently for 30 days (even if you experience significant pain relief). In fact, many people don’t experience maximum results until after the third week.

Now you may be wondering – How is PainBreak® made? and what makes it work where other medicines have not? Just click on the button below, and I’ll tell you the rest of the story…

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